Organic Gardening Tips

Common Garden Pests
Aphids These small, soft-bodied insects are pear-shaped, measuring 1/16” to 1/4” long. There are approximately 4,000 aphid species worldwide, ranging in colors from green, yellow, brown, red or black. Adult aphids are typically wingless, but some can grow wings. On the tip of the head, there are two whip-like antennae,…
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Summer Garden Checklist
Keep your organic garden looking lush and vibrant through the summer months with the EARTH’S ALLY Summer Garden Checklist. Watering To prevent plants from wilting in the summer, they need quality soil and water. Most plants depend on consistent moisture levels to thrive. That’s why it is so important to…
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How to Grow Sunflowers
Just the name 'sunflower' is enough to bring a smile to a gardener's face. There's something so appealing and happy about these bright summer flowers. While known for their tall, yellow face with a lion's mane of petals, these annuals also come in shades ranging from the palest creamy white…
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How to Care for Monstera Plants
Houseplants are enjoying something of a renaissance. More and more, our lives center around the home; naturally, people want to bring a splash of greenery into their living spaces. Houseplants that had once languished in terms of popularity are now the hottest items around, with newly minted plant lovers clamoring…
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How to Start a Children's Garden: Organic Gardening with Kids
Few things are more fulfilling than growing your own flowers and produce. Organic gardening is great for all ages, but it can be really special when you involve the little ones. Gardening is fun, educational, and healthy -- as long as you grow organic. Because their developing bodies are so…
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Horticultural Therapy and the Healing Power of Plants
When you think about healing plants, you probably imagine nourishing food or maybe medicinal herbs. Plants can heal in other ways, too. Horticultural therapy has a long-standing reputation as a remedy for stress and other conditions. Whether it's an ambitious outdoor project or a simple arrangement of houseplants, the therapeutic…
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