Organic Gardening Tips

Organic Gardening For Beginners
How to Grow Organic for Beginners While eating organic is healthy for you and your family, it can get expensive to buy organically raised fruits and vegetables at the market. Have you ever considered starting your own organic garden to grow your own vegetables and don’t know where to begin?…
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Identify Common Weeds in Your Garden
'There's no such thing as a weed.' While this organic gardening maxim holds a grain of truth, the fact is that any gardener will sometimes have to deal with plants that have picked the wrong place to grow. The occasional wildflower in your vegetable patch may be a welcome beacon…
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How to Kill Weeds Naturally
Gardening is a passion for many that is often interrupted by unwanted plants living in the wrong place. More commonly known as weeds, these eyesores do more than intrude on the aesthetic. Weeds can cause stress on surrounding plants by robbing the soil of nutrients and moisture. Maintaining any lawn…
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Summer Watering 101: Tips for Your Organic Vegetable Garden
Keeping your garden green and healthy during the dry summer months can be challenging. You need to ensure that your plants get enough moisture to thrive, yet over watering can encourage pests, cause water waste, and even harm plant health. What's an organic gardener to do? Here are some expert…
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Common Garden Pests
Aphids These small, soft-bodied insects are pear-shaped, measuring 1/16” to 1/4” long. There are approximately 4,000 aphid species worldwide, ranging in colors from green, yellow, brown, red or black. Adult aphids are typically wingless, but some can grow wings. On the tip of the head, there are two whip-like antennae,…
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Summer Garden Checklist
Keep your organic garden looking lush and vibrant through the summer months with the EARTH’S ALLY Summer Garden Checklist. Watering To prevent plants from wilting in the summer, they need quality soil and water. Most plants depend on consistent moisture levels to thrive. That’s why it is so important to…
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