Organic Gardening Tips

Easy ways to eliminate weeds between block pavers and driveways
It’s inevitable that weeds will emerge in your garden paths, patio pavers or driveway over time. Cracks hold a surprising amount of organic matter and the moisture that seeps into them may stay longer than expected, which is a perfect bed for grass and weed seeds. Here are a few…
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Not Much Space? Try Container Vegetable Gardening
If your inner desire to grow vegetables and herbs is much larger than your outside space, then container vegetable gardening could be the solution for you. You’d be in good company, as the trends in healthy eating and urban living are merging to bring more containers of edible plants to…
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Rise Above Challenges with Raised Garden Beds
Few gardeners are lucky enough to have perfect conditions for growing vegetables right off the bat. The most common challenge is poor soil quality, especially in urban and suburban areas where topsoil has been removed and compacted during construction. That’s why raised garden beds are such a popular solution since…
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Composting Builds Organic Gardens from the Ground Up
When you’ve got less than ideal soil conditions, composting is your easiest and most affordable solution. Like so many aspects of organic gardening, composting is based on the way nature works. By recycling organic materials back into the soil, it’s part of the natural cycle of life. And it’s not…
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