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Angelo Randaci is the horticulturist at Earth’s Ally. With 30+ years of experience, Angelo’s passion for plants has led him to explore many areas of horticulture. At Holden Arboretum in Ohio, he grew many rare plants in the nursery and propagation greenhouse. He later became a perennial grower and garden designer after studying with renowned landscape designer John Brookes in England. He served as Director of Horticulture and Education for The Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati and helped to develop the first Master Gardener Program in the city.

As Horticulture Manager for Fidelity Investments, Angelo provided grounds consulting services at their campuses in Kentucky, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Texas. He taught horticulture classes at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and was Research Greenhouse Manager at the University of Cincinnati.  Other horticultural experience includes serving as Horticulture Extension Agent in Sarasota, Florida and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Prior to joining Earth’s Ally, Angelo was Gardens Manager for Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota, Florida and held the title of Extension Nursery Specialist for Tennessee State University Otis L. Floyd Research Center where he provided support for Tennessee Nursery Producers. He aided the research team in the diagnosis and resolution of nursery crop production conditions, and provided technical training to update growing procedures, diseases, and nutritional disorders. 

Angelo holds a Master’s Degree from Antioch University in Athens, Ohio, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Specialized Studies from Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio and an Associate’s Degree in Nursery Management from Ohio State University. In his spare time, Angelo enjoys gardening, bird watching and hiking with his wife Carol.

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