Why We Love Concentrates

There are many benefits to using eco-friendly garden concentrates. From cost savings to sustainability, it's what being an Earth's Ally is all about!

Save Money

Get an incredible value. Producing single use sprayers and shipping water in ready-to-use formulas is expensive. We pass along those savings to you.

Save Time

Create a more effective plant care routine. Make fewer trips to the store and treat larger gardens with a pump sprayer more efficiently.

Save the Planet

Reduce fuel emissions and keep plastic waste out of the landfill. Every bottle of concentrate sold saves at least 15 bottles and sprayers from production.

The Impact of Every Bottle Sold

Eco-Friendly Concentrates

Earth's Ally formulas contain safe ingredients like botanical oils and food-grade citric acid that are ideal for the at-home gardener and plant parent. Each concentrate has a 3-year shelf life and should be shaken prior to dilution at the required product mix rate.

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