Why is Crabgrass Such a Pain?


What is crabgrass and how did it get here? Crabgrass seeds were brought to the United States from Europe by immigrants.  Early settlers grew the plants, harvesting the nutritious seeds as a grain.   In the […]

Weed Trouble Zones for Gardeners and Homeowners

Banner Weed Trouble Zones

Weed Trouble Zones Weed trouble zones are areas virtually anywhere and everywhere that weeds spring up. Obvious areas would include cracks in driveways, pavers, and street edges. There are some unusual places to look out […]

Pet Safe Weed Killer

Written By Angelo Randaci, Earth’s Ally® Horticulturist A Better Alternative to Harsh Synthetic Chemicals From menacing crabgrass to the eyesore of dandelion weeds, nothing is more frustrating than watching garden weeds flourish in the Spring. In […]