Flowers with Faces

By Angelo Randaci, Earth’s Ally Horticulturist

Angelo’s passion for plants has led him to explore many areas of horticulture including research, grounds management, technical training, design and nursery management.

Flowers with Faces

Plants have an intimate association and co-partnership with pollinators. Their pollination strategies incorporate an astounding array of distinct colors, shapes, and scents–all for the purpose of attracting pollinators to their flowers. Flamboyant colors together with enticing fragrances persuade insects, animals, and birds to sample tasty nectar hidden within their colorful blooms. Sometimes their shapes even mimic certain female insects to lure males to both deposit and pick up pollen. Many plants appear to have flowers with faces.

These curious-looking blooms often resemble recognizable images of plants, animals, or something else, depending upon interpretation. As a result, both humans and pollinators enjoy the myriad shapes and forms of these most unusual flowers with faces.

Insects, birds, aliens, and even naked men are represented here, entirely open to one’s imagination. 

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