Disease Control

Disease Control
24 fl. oz. Ready-to-use

(30 customer reviews)
  • Fungicide and bactericide for use in organic gardens
  • Citric acid formula controls common plant diseases
  • Safe for people, pets and planet when used as directed
  • Ideal for use on vegetable gardens, houseplants, succulents, flowers and ornamentals
  • OMRI listed for use in organic gardening
  • Leaves no harmful residue
  • Can be used up until the day of harvest
  • Proven Bee Safe® when used as directed

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Based on 30 reviews
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  1. Earth’s Ally is an excellent group of products. We only use “natural” pest control in our garden and like all the products in this line that we tried. We especially like this item because it helps control mildew which is a big prioblem in hot, humid weather. I tried it on our squash which was really suffering from powdery mildew and it worked great. I was very pleased. I wil use it on my roses, too because they’re having some black spot issues. Overall a great product.

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  2. Really like these Earth Ally Products, made in USA and Field Tested Farmer Approved. We live out a ways from the city and all the folks out here are on wells. It’s important to be a good neighbor to you friends and wildlife out here and make sure your garden water run off doesn’t contaminate the watershed area. The product is also OMRI listed and Bee Safe. I’m using the Disease Control product to help knock back the powdery mildew that rears its ugly head this time of year. I’m still getting yellow squash and flowers and I’d like to see them survive the mildew and come to harvest.The spray nozzle has stream and spray options, both work great. It provided the most coverage for my problem. Raving fan of all Earth’s Ally products, I’ll be purchasing again.

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  3. My yellow squash plants were starting to get powdery mildew and I needed something to control it. I had used Earth’s Ally weed control formula with success and I wanted to use something safe for edibles so I decided to give their disease control formula a try.
    I sprayed both the tops and bottoms of the leaves of my 3 squash plants according to the directions and it really worked to control the powdery mildew. I had to use a lot since my plants were already pretty large. I continued to spray the new leaves as they appeared so they wouldn’t get the mildew. So far the mildew is under control and the plants are doing well and continue to grow and produce.
    I have harvested and eaten the squash since using the product with no issues.
    I do recommend Earth’s Ally disease control spray.

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  4. I am a hobby hop grower. I use the hops in home brewing. Hops are susceptible to powdery mildew and downy mildew.

    I am trying to be as close to organic as possible in my hop yard, so having an effective, organic treatment for mildew in my hop yard is a good step toward that goal. I got this product so that I will be prepared.

    I am looking forward to using this in my hop yard next season and will add to the review (if I can) with any results.

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  5. I was glad to try this organic method of disease control. It worked great on the powdery mildew on my zucchini and cucumber, but did not work so well on other unknown diseases on my cantaloupe and watermelon. I prefer organic any time I can find something effective to avoid chemicals. This had much less of a smell than neem oil, but didn’t have as good overall effect.

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