Weed & Grass Killer

Weed & Grass Killer
24 fl. oz. Ready-to-use

(66 customer reviews)
  • Powered by sea salt, no harsh chemicals
  • Visible results in 3 hours
  • Kills weeds to the root
  • Safe for people, pets and planet when used as directed
  • Bee Safe when used as directed


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Got dandelions? Oh my gosh, this product is for you!

Our lawn is filled with dandelions, and we have been very frustrated trying to get rid of them… Within 3 days, they were completely dead… beyond being effective this product is safe for people, pets and the planet! Wahoo!!!!


Shocked At How Fast It Worked

This weed killer ROCKS! I sprayed this on some weeds and just a few hours later they were wilted, turning a dull color and dying. I was shocked at how fast it worked with all organic ingredients.

-Ed in New Jersey

Weeds began to die in just a few hours

Using Earth’s Ally ready-to-use spray on a hot sunny day, the dollarweed, common purslane, and bracken fern weeds began to die in just a few hours leaving only the pine bark mulch showing among our green and white striped canna lily plants. Great product!

-FloridaCommPro in Florida

Spray at lunch, weeds dead by dinner

Wow, spray at lunch, weeds dead by dinner. Earth’s Ally Weed & Grass Killer worked fast. Killed 2- to 3-inch weeds in just a couple hours.

-Momshops in Illinois

It is a proven formula that many gardeners use

This weed killer is an environmentally friendly alternative to the popular glyphosate-based ones. The ingredients in this one are just vinegar, salt, and soap. It is a proven formula that many gardeners use to get rid of weeds…After a few hours the weeds get white and die. It does smell vinegar but that does not bother me at all.

-Tom 79

Happy weeding days are ahead

This product contains no glyphosate which is great! It’s easy to use and you can choose to spot spray or broad spray. Over a period of time, I could see the weeds starting to droop. Then yellow and brown off. There’s nothing better than to get rid of weeds in a safe and effective manner.


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Based on 66 reviews
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  1. I cant say my results using this product rival the results of another major brand of chemical based weed killers, but I can see some results in 24 hours.
    Its basically a mixture of salt water and vinegar which you can make for yourself for a great deal less than the price this product sells for.
    But if you don’t want to mess with making it and want to buy a pre made product that is safe around pets and people this will work for you. You may need more than one application to achieve full desired results.

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  2. I use other brand name products that are to do the same thing, kill vegetation. They don’t use sea salt as a means but a more harsh chemical that could be a carcinogen if not used with the right protection. This product, because it doesn’t have those kind of chemicals, was appealing. I did a couple of test spots to see how it worked for me. It worked okay but I needed to treat the grass I was testing twice to get it to work. I know that’s not the case with the other products thus I discounted the stars. I didn’t have any more difficult weeds to test but question if this product can handle the really tough weeds. I’d wished the product would be designed to go after grass and not other plants like shrubs. That would seem to be a better fit for this product.

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  3. I must admit I was really excited to try Earth’s Ally Weed and Grass Killer. Having a product made in the USA, bee safe, and more environmentally than glyphosate is important to our family. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the results I was hoping for. I soaked the weeds and grass along one of our fence lines three times. Each application was 2 to 3 days after the last application. I made sure to shake the bottle well before using. Each time I sprayed was in the afternoon with temperatures in the 90s. Some of the grass and couple of broad leaf weeds have turned slightly brown but none of them are dead.

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  4. The product is nicely put together and easy to use. Comes with an effective spray that you can just plug in, and start using. Unfortunately, the weed killer liquid itself isn’t as successful as I hoped it would be. The instructions say that I should see results in 3 hours, but its been a couple of days and the weeds looking pretty alive. However, it did have a caveat that stronger weeds will take multiple applications. On day 3, I noticed that the areas where the spray touched actually does dry up (see pic), so eventually the outer edges of the leaves will also dry up I guess. If you want quick results, I think you will have to spray every leaf, rather than just the roots as I had done. This will use up quite a large amount of product though.

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  5. I have mixed feelings about this weed killer. It seems to work, with the caveat that if it rains after applying you’ll need to start again. That’s what I’ve been running into while trying it. I’d apply Earth’s Ally earlier in the day and then later in the day it would rain. When this happens, it washes away and stops working. I always compare weed killers to Roundup. Earth’s Ally is safer for the environment than Roundup, and that’s a good thing. But if you want something that consistently kills weeds, even under less than ideal conditions, Roundup still works better. I sprayed a patch of weeds in my driveway with Roundup on the left and Earth’s Ally on the right. Both started killing the weeds. Then that evening it rained. As I monitored the area I found that after the rain Roundup kept killing the weeds but Earth’s Ally washed away. So take home message is that it works, but you have to make sure things stay dry or you’ll need to reapply.

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