Organic Gardening Tips

Spider Plants and 5 More Houseplants That Make Easy Roommates
If you've always wanted a home full of lush greenery but struggled to keep your houseplants alive, help is at hand. Some houseplants are very difficult to care for, requiring lots of maintenance and an unforgiving list of growing conditions. Here are six houseplants that will thrive in any home…
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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Insecticide
Rosemary oil is an alternative to neem oil that offers a pleasant-smelling pest killer that works Visit almost any online plant lover’s group and the most frequently asked question is, “How do I get rid of this bug that I found on my plant?” Most often, the answer offered by…
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How to Care for Succulents in Winter
Succulents are hugely popular, both as houseplants and in the garden. Along with their striking visual appeal, succulents are highly drought-tolerant and don't need to be watered as frequently as most leafy plants. This makes them ideal for dry climates and areas where watering restrictions are stringent. Succulents are quite…
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How to Care for Orchids
The word "orchid" evokes beauty and exoticism. Whether you received one as a gift or are eyeing an orchid for your home décor, these delicate and highly coveted ornamentals are surprisingly low maintenance. Growing healthy, flowering orchids may be easier than you think. Here are some Earth’s Ally tips to…
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Growing Herbs Indoors
Growing an indoor herb garden can be very rewarding, providing a welcome splash of greenery during the long, gray winter months. When you're growing herbs in pots on your kitchen windowsill, you can reach out and pluck a handful of fragrant basil leaves or snip off some savory chives any…
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FIFRA 25(b), OMRI Listed® and Certified Organic Explained
As interest in gardening and growing food at home has increased, many people who are new to the hobby want to adopt gardening practices that are safe for their families and pets, as well as the environment. To maintain an organic garden that is free of synthetic chemicals, it’s important…
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