Weed & Grass Killer

Weed & Grass Killer
1 gal. Ready-to-use

(77 customer reviews)
  • Powered by sea salt, no harsh chemicals
  • Visible results in 3 hours
  • Kills weeds to the root
  • Safe for people, pets and planet when used as directed
  • Bee Safe when used as directed

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Got dandelions? Oh my gosh, this product is for you!

Our lawn is filled with dandelions, and we have been very frustrated trying to get rid of them… Within 3 days, they were completely dead… beyond being effective this product is safe for people, pets and the planet! Wahoo!!!!


Shocked At How Fast It Worked

This weed killer ROCKS! I sprayed this on some weeds and just a few hours later they were wilted, turning a dull color and dying. I was shocked at how fast it worked with all organic ingredients.

-Ed in New Jersey

Weeds began to die in just a few hours

Using Earth’s Ally ready-to-use spray on a hot sunny day, the dollarweed, common purslane, and bracken fern weeds began to die in just a few hours leaving only the pine bark mulch showing among our green and white striped canna lily plants. Great product!

-FloridaCommPro in Florida

Spray at lunch, weeds dead by dinner

Wow, spray at lunch, weeds dead by dinner. Earth’s Ally Weed & Grass Killer worked fast. Killed 2- to 3-inch weeds in just a couple hours.

-Momshops in Illinois

It is a proven formula that many gardeners use

This weed killer is an environmentally friendly alternative to the popular glyphosate-based ones. The ingredients in this one are just vinegar, salt, and soap. It is a proven formula that many gardeners use to get rid of weeds…After a few hours the weeds get white and die. It does smell vinegar but that does not bother me at all.

-Tom 79

Happy weeding days are ahead

This product contains no glyphosate which is great! It’s easy to use and you can choose to spot spray or broad spray. Over a period of time, I could see the weeds starting to droop. Then yellow and brown off. There’s nothing better than to get rid of weeds in a safe and effective manner.


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Based on 77 reviews
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  1. Earth’s Ally Weed and Grass Killer. Product has all non-chemical ingredients – salt, water, vinegar, soap. I followed the directions and sprayed the weeds on a sunny day. I followed up by spraying the weeds again on the same day. Waited 2 days and checked the results. Some weeds were killed, others were non-affected (same type of weed). If you are looking for a non-chemical product, this will take multiple spraying attempts to get the weeds killed. I will stick with chemical weed killers which I only need to spray once..

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  2. Although the spraying function on the bottle was great ( good stream and fan ). The product indicated that within 2 hours you would see a difference. The first few pics are at the time I sprayed the weeds, and the later pics were 2 days after the weeds were sprayed. I just checked again which is 3 days later and although some of the weeds are starting to die. The crab grass in some areas areas don’t seem to die that easy. I needed to really saturate the week which if you have lots of weeds this isn’t the best option. This is good if you have a handful of weeds in a walkway or planter.

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