Insect Control

Insect Control
1 qt. Concentrate
Makes 4 Gallons

(24 customer reviews)
  • Insecticide, miticide and repellant for use in organic gardens
  • Kills soft-bodied insects with botanical oils
  • Concentrated formula makes 4 gallons of product
  • Safe for people, pets and planet when used as directed
  • Ideal for use on houseplants, vegetable gardens, succulents, flowers, ornamentals, trees and shrubs
  • OMRI listed for use in organic gardening
  • Leaves no harmful residue
  • Can be used up until the day of harvest
  • Proven Bee Safe® when used as directed

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Based on 24 reviews
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  1. I love that this is organic, and prefer this over chemical any day. It seems to do the job for soft-bodied insects, but ineffective on the hard bodied insects like cucumber beetle. I would love to see it work on both, but may have to go back to neem oil. I certainly appreciate Earth’s Ally products because have seen the nasty effect of chemicals and don’t want them on my food.

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  2. It is too early to tell whether or not the spray will do what it is supposed to do. But, one significant difference between it and other bug, pest, and disease control sprays is the smell. I’ve previously used a pest sprays on plants which smelled so bad that we would avoid those areas of the yard for days. This spray does not smell bad and I’m happy to use it in areas where we regularly sit and relax in the back yard.

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  3. Having great results with another Earth’s Ally product, I was compelled to check out the effectiveness of this insect-control spray. The ornamental bushes and giant bird-of-paradise trees that decorate our Florida yard have been invaded by aphids, white fly, and green fly pests. To remove leaf-darkening insects, I applied this spray in the shady part of early evening as directed. A few days later, this product cleared the infestation from the leaves and its ingredients are ecologically friendly as well.

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  4. These kinds of products take time to see if they are working but after 3 weeks of using this product we are noticing fewer and fewer bites in our new plant. We like that it is even safe for our vegetables. Sometimes I find that products that are more natural do not work as well as their chemical ridden counterparts but this stuff really does the trick!

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  5. Nice to have a safe, easy, ready to use product when you see those little buggars sucking the life out of your plants. Also nice that this is a more natural product that uses herbal oils to deter insects rather than a long list of chemicals. Smells good, a little strong but it’s certainly better than chemical smell. Unfortunately, I had to use half the bottle to treat just a few plants once, then used the rest 5 days later. Probably should just get a bigger size. Also, the on/off, spray/stream indicator at the end of the sprayer is not well defined and is hard to read. Not that big a deal but just more of an inconvenience.

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