Weed & Grass Killer

Weed & Grass Killer
2.5 gal. Ready-to-use

(43 customer reviews)
  • Powered by sea salt, no harsh chemicals
  • Visible results in 3 hours
  • Kills weeds to the root
  • Safe for people, pets and planet when used as directed
  • Bee Safe when used as directed

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Got dandelions? Oh my gosh, this product is for you!

Our lawn is filled with dandelions, and we have been very frustrated trying to get rid of them… Within 3 days, they were completely dead… beyond being effective this product is safe for people, pets and the planet! Wahoo!!!!


Shocked At How Fast It Worked

This weed killer ROCKS! I sprayed this on some weeds and just a few hours later they were wilted, turning a dull color and dying. I was shocked at how fast it worked with all organic ingredients.

-Ed in New Jersey

Weeds began to die in just a few hours

Using Earth’s Ally ready-to-use spray on a hot sunny day, the dollarweed, common purslane, and bracken fern weeds began to die in just a few hours leaving only the pine bark mulch showing among our green and white striped canna lily plants. Great product!

-FloridaCommPro in Florida

Spray at lunch, weeds dead by dinner

Wow, spray at lunch, weeds dead by dinner. Earth’s Ally Weed & Grass Killer worked fast. Killed 2- to 3-inch weeds in just a couple hours.

-Momshops in Illinois

It is a proven formula that many gardeners use

This weed killer is an environmentally friendly alternative to the popular glyphosate-based ones. The ingredients in this one are just vinegar, salt, and soap. It is a proven formula that many gardeners use to get rid of weeds…After a few hours the weeds get white and die. It does smell vinegar but that does not bother me at all.

-Tom 79

Happy weeding days are ahead

This product contains no glyphosate which is great! It’s easy to use and you can choose to spot spray or broad spray. Over a period of time, I could see the weeds starting to droop. Then yellow and brown off. There’s nothing better than to get rid of weeds in a safe and effective manner.


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Based on 43 reviews
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  1. It’s nice to know that I am not breathing toxic fumes while I am spraying this product. Or that if I get it on my skin it’s not really bad as it will not hurt your skin. I know the very popular weed killer doesn’t want it advertised as it’s in competition with them but knowing that it’s so much safer to use and does the job very well, I wish more people knew about it. Several months ago when I went to purchase it, the employees had to get a ladder and climb way up to storage shelving where it was hidden. Today it was on the shelf with other weed killers. I am sure if more people knew about it, it would be very popular.

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  2. I was honestly a little skeptical about this product, but I was wrong. This stuff works great! The ingredients are are salt, water, vinegar, and soap. when Spraying this it does have a vinegar smell, and not a chemical smell like other herbicides. I feel safe using this stuff closer to our vegetable garden and areas our kids play in as I’ve tended to avoid killing weeds and pull them instead. you see results from the spray in a couple of hours, but it’s just the plant starting to wilt. but you definitely see results within the next day. All in all this is a great product.

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  3. This product has been highly recommended to me by fellow gardeners who are concerned about the environment as I am. Hence this product is rated safe for pets (which I have), people (such as young grandsons which I have) and bees (which is great!). Also it grows healthier plants which delights me! As the product just arrived in the middle of rainy days here in central North Carolina, I will be using this on the next warm sunny day. Since Earth’s Ally is a natural weed killer with no harsh chemicals, it is being spread along my driveway and around the flower beds. I am grateful for this product. Thank you to this manufacturer for such a great Weed and Grass Killer!

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  4. In today’s environmental conscience atmosphere, Earth’s Ally has created a weed and grass killer that is what people are looking for. I like the fact that the ingredients are safe for my pet, me, and area surrounding the places it is used. I REALLY like the fact that it works! I sprayed some weeds at 11 AM on a sunny day per the instructions. When I went back three hours later, one of the weeds was completely dead and shriveled up. Another weed was turning brown and I gave it another dose of the weed killer. Because the herbicide is non-selective, I have to be careful what the spray hits. This product will kill any plant that it hits. But the beautiful thing about this product is I don’t have worry about me or anyone else, including pets, being endangered. When I initially read the ingredients, I said “I can make this myself”. But then I thought about it and realized that (a) I don’t know the correct formula, and (b) If I could do it myself, why haven’t I? The answer is that Earth’s Ally can do it a whole lot better than I. It’s a great product!

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  5. A weed killer that contains no harsh chemicals that could harm you or the environment? Skeptical as I was I decided to give it a try on some of my persistent weed areas and I was delightfully surprised! My weeds withered and died in just a few days! Says it contains primarily salt and soap which is enough to kill the heartiest weeds! I used it on the cracks in my driveway and on my deck. Worked great!

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