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Control Weeds Safely 

Nothing is more frustrating than watching garden weeds flourish in the Spring. From menacing crabgrass to the eyesore of dandelions, weeds can be a real problem. In an organic garden, weeds rob nearby plants of water and nutrients while attracting pests. In high-traffic areas like sidewalks, driveways and patios, weed overgrowth quickly makes a property look unkept.

Many people seek a quick fix to tame their frustrations and annihilate weeds. Unfortunately, harsh chemical herbicides pose real risks to our four-legged companions. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, if glyphosate has not had the proper time to dry or leaves a residue, dogs can be at real risk.  The contact alone can cause a host of problems not listed on the product label or company website.

At Earth’s Ally, we believe families should not have to choose between products that are safe and products that are effective. We spent 18 months formulating our Weed & Grass Killer using ingredients you can find at home in your kitchen – sea salt, soap and vinegar. The formula is highly effective and safe for high-traffic areas where our dogs play.

The Dog’s of Earth’s Ally: Bruno Allshouse, Cleo Gallagher, Sweetie Patten.

Tips to Kill Weeds and Keep Pets Safe 

  1. Pull weeds by hand when possible
  2. Mulch for prevention
  3. Read and understand herbicide labels
  4. Use natural methods like salt, vinegar or soap  
  5. Allow products to dry completely before you allowing pets to enter the area

Control Weeds Safely with Natural Weed Killer 

Earth's Ally Weed & Grass Killer is formulated without harmful synthetic chemicals. Our natural weed control spray is formulated with food-grade ingredients that are generally recognized as safe by the Environmental Protection Agency: 10% Sea Salt and 90% Soap, Vinegar and Water.

Despite the simplicity of the ingredients, Earth's Ally Natural Weed & Grass Killer has been rigorously tested for performance. We refined the science of acetic acid and sea salt, fine-tuning the proportions of each ingredient to make a truly effective natural weed killer.

When used on a dry, sunny day, you can expect to see results within 3 hours. The natural Weed & Grass Killer formula kills weeds down to the root. In independent lab testing, even tenacious dandelion roots were 100% dead after just 30 days.

What Pet Lovers Say 

"The best week killer I have ever used, and it is pet-friendly."

- Frugalmom on HomeDepot.com

"Finally, a non-toxic weed and grass killer! And it works, too! My wife didn't want to use toxic chemicals on my lawn and landscape beds anymore since we now know how dangerous to our health and pet’s health they are. But this Earth's Ally formula is safe for all."

- Steveco52 on HomeDepot.com

"In today's environmentally conscience atmosphere, Earth's Ally has created a weed and grass killer that is what people are looking for. I like the fact that the ingredients are safe for my pet, me, and area surrounding the places it is used. I REALLY like the fact that it works!"

- Doddco on HomeDepot.com

Tips & Tricks for Application

When using Earth's Ally Natural Weed & Grass Killer, we recommend incorporating the "Sunshine, Shake & Saturate" mantra for optimum success.

  • Sunshine – Apply on a dry, sunny day. Sunlight works with the vinegar to brown weeds in about 3 hours.   
  • Shake - Shake the product well before use.
  • Saturate – Fully saturate the weeds you want to eliminate. If you're switching from a synthetic chemical, you'll need to saturate the weeds more than you would with a synthetic.

With these tips, after two or three days, you will notice weeds are completely brown and shriveled. We’d love to hear how Earth’s Ally is helping you tackle tough weeds. Share your pet photos and stay connected with the #EarthsAlly community on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for access to our latest blog posts, giveaways and exclusive promotions.

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